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    James Hash, attorney at Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP (EGH)
    TDM Local Search had been tasked with increasing EGH’s online presence. "Our firm simply did not have the web presence that we needed as we worked to establish a new domain name and a new website. After only a few months of utilizing TDM’s services, we were ranked on Google for keywords that are important to our practice and our internet traffic and inquiries increased. TDM has already put us in contact with new, quality clients, and it is an important part of our marketing plan moving forward,"

    - Tom , Charlotte Dentist
    "I was suddenly appearing on the first page for the search terms I had asked them to target. It was great. I knew that the other larger offices were spending a fortune for the same thing, and it had to drive them nuts."

    - Mike, Owner of CleanHomeNC.com
    I’m popping up everywhere for many search terms. This is generating many business opportunities for myself to capitalize on. Thanks!

    - Kenny McGee, Raleigh Aquarium Service
    Local business owner Kenny McGee of A Fishy Business Inc provides aquarium cleaning services in the Raleigh area. "I had an ad in several phone books for years, and the only phone calls I would get would be about buying hamsters, which isn’t even close to what I do. Once I let Triangle Direct take over my online SEO campaign, I started getting more and more calls from people saying they found me online. Now, I don’t do any other advertising, and all of my clients come from my website and referrals"

    - John, Outer Banks Real Estate
    "Our sales leads increased so much in our 3 broker office that we couldn’t keep up. We took the last 6 months to work our leads from the first 6 months of 2009. Our sales ended up 45% over 2008 with the same staff and same website - I think our TDM campaign was the single biggest factor for the increase."

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