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    Social Media Essentials for Local Search

    The value proposition of Social Media is converting visitors into customers. When a potential customers find your web page or walk into your business they will inevitably check your facebook page for activity. If you don’t have activity on your facebook page you run the risk of looking "closed" or of no consumer interest. The activity and conversations with your customer base give you the extra credibility you need to turn new visitors into repeat customers. Consumers today expect instant response and interaction from businesses.

    Update Your Social Media Outlets

    Local search is fueled by fresh information and new content about your local company or service. Search engines want fresh new content because that’s what the consumers are searching for online. If you can establish your site as providing fresh and relevant content in your particular market, search engines see your site as an authority.

    So how do you get fresh content?

    Step one, contact us. Step two, we’ll consult with you to come up with a game plan, factoring in your budget, online goals, and competitiveness of your industry. Step three, let us work our magic to provide you with what hundreds of our other clients have received - top positioning on the major search engines for their most competitive keywords. Step four, enjoy the traffic and new customers

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