• Local Search Marketing v. Social Media

    search marketing v social media
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    Search Marketing

    When consumers are searching for local businesses the primary means of location is from search engines. According to recent survey by PEW Internet & American Life Project, the clear winner was search engines when compared to specialty websites and social media sites

    For Lead Generation
    Online marketing strategies are often focused on lead generation for many businesses. According to a survey of more than 500 marketing professionals at B2B and B2C companies, search marketing is the more effective means at generating leads when compared to social media.

    Social Media Marketing

    For Brand Awareness the clear winner is social media outlets. SEO is about increased online traffic through organic rankings. Social media is about brand exposure and product awareness.

    Interactivity with customers is must today and there is no better marketing tool available to businesses than social media.

    With the recent changes to search engine algorithms to incorporate social media the clear winner is to use both search engine marketing and social media.

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